English to Greek Meaning of lay - λαϊκός

Lay :

Κρατήστε, λαϊκός, διατηρούν, διατηρώ, σειρά, θέση, βάζω, εγκαθιδρύω, άνοιγμα, ωοτοκώ, σχέδιο, ιθύνων νους, πρόγραμμα, κατάθεση, οίκημα, πληρώσει, αγρόκτημα, Αποθεματικό, παραδίδω, στοίχημα, υπολογίζω, κάτω, ετοιμάζω τον δρόμον, προτείνω, παρουσιάζω, προσφορά, καλμάρω, καταπραΰνω, μετριάζω, σβήνω, κάλυμμα, κάλυψε με, καλύψει τον εαυτό του, περίπτερο, φορτώνω, βάρος, αναθέτω, διατυπώνω, παρόν, καθιστώ, αναφέρω, ώα ψαριών, γεννώ, παιδί, χουζουρεύω, Σειρά, εφευρίσκω, νομίζω, σκέφτομαι, εξαλείφω, Κτύπημα, απεργία, επιβάλλω, αποδίδω, ισχύουν, χρήση, ασκώ, τεθεί σε, μοιράζω, ενθέτω

λαϊκός, κοσμικός, γήινος, τετριμμένο, χρονικός, πληβείος, εμφύλιος, πολίτης, δημοφιλής, δημοτική, δημόσιο, ο άνθρωπος, μπαλάντα, στίχος, ωδή, ποίημα, τραγούδι, λυρικός, ύμνος, Εκθεση ΙΔΕΩΝ, πραγματεία, διατριβή, Βιβλίο, ΠΤΥΧΙΑΚΗ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ, επικάλυμμα

λαϊκόςγια τον καθορισμόΚαθορίζει
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Definitions of lay in English
Noun(1) a narrative song with a recurrent refrain(2) a narrative poem of popular origin
Verb(1) put into a certain place or abstract location(2) put in a horizontal position(3) prepare or position for action or operation(4) lay eggs(5) impose as a duty, burden, or punishment(6) be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position(7) be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position(8) originate (in(9) be and remain in a particular state or condition(10) tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive(11) have a place in relation to something else(12) assume a reclining position
Adjective(1) characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy(2) not of or from a profession
Examples of lay in English
(1) She was trying to get the lay of the land, not to get herself laid.(2) As they say, there is safety in numbers, so if you're in an unfamiliar place, stay with a group, at least until you know the lay of the land.(3) For a lay person, inhaled medicines are often linked to smoking or opium inhalation and is, therefore, perceived as addictive.(4) These host plants are where the female butterfly will eventually lay her eggs.(5) The government will then lay an order before Parliament before they become effective from November.(6) Each one was adept at their trade; they knew the lay of their respective lands.(7) on his lips there died the cheery lay(8) Which is pretty much the way to evaluate the current lay of the land in Ukraine.(9) When this bill was brought in, it had the same number of lay people and professionals.(10) And Bip and Bop they knew the lay of the land.(11) I just did not think that where we were in the lay of the land that water was going to collect here.(12) If only consultative, the lay voice will remain mostly window dressing for clerical decision makers.(13) Newspapers are an important source of information about the results of medical research, both for lay people and health professionals.(14) The recently released handbook is intended to help even the lay public grasp the medicinal properties of herbs.(15) Many of its adherents promoted the individualism and lay preaching that Edwards so deplored.(16) Look for opportunities to form teams in communicating with pastors and lay people.
Related Phrases of lay
(1) lie ::
(2) lay down ::
(3) to lay ::
να θέσει
(4) lay back ::
ξάπλωσε πίσω
(5) lay on ::
θέσει σε
(6) re-lay ::
(7) lay low ::
ρίχνω κάτω
(8) lay the table ::
στρώνω το τραπέζι
1. nonclerical ::
2. nonprofessional ::
μη επαγγελματικό
4. ballad ::
5. put ::
6. set in place ::
θέσει σε εφαρμογή
7. bet ::
8. bring ::
να φερεις
9. assign to ::
αναθέτουν σε
10. devise ::
11. impose ::
12. set ::
13. place ::
1. raise ::
Different Forms
lay, laying, lays
Word Example from TV Shows
All right. Let's lay them out flat.

All right. Let's LAY them out flat.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 1

I mean, I'll lay there
if you absolutely have to have it, but...

I mean, I'll LAY there if you absolutely have to have it, but...

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 19

I'm gonna lay
some romantic astronomy on her.

I'm gonna LAY some romantic astronomy on her.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 19

"I do this day LAY claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 1

Yeah, she's right, Sky.
Why don't you lay down
a while?

Yeah, she's right, Sky. Why don't you LAY down a while?

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 2

English to Greek Dictionary: lay

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