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Triangle :
τρίγωνο - τρίγωνοτρίγωνοτρίγωνα
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Noun(1) a three-sided polygon(2) something approximating the shape of a triangle(3) a small northern constellation near Perseus between Andromeda and Aries(4) any of various triangular drafting instruments used to draw straight lines at specified angles(5) a percussion instrument consisting of a metal bar bent in the shape of an open triangle

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(1) As she lay trembling slightly for a long moment, not daring to breathe, she became aware of a faint humming, like the sound that a triangle makes after you strike it.(2) For example, the letter A in a triangle should be plainly marked on a fire extinguisher that can be used for ordinary combustibles.(3) A theorem of Riemann's geometry is that the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is always greater than 180 degrees, and increases as the areas of triangles increase.(4) He racked up a triangle of pool balls at the proper end of the table, and he began to practice his pool shots.(5) The back of a second, kneeling Magus and of the seated Virgin supporting the Child form two sides of an equilateral triangle located plumb in the centre of the design.(6) All that remains of the madhouse is a triangle of grass.(7) If an animal's center of mass falls outside the triangle of support formed by its three feet on the ground, it is statically unstable and will fall.(8) A triangle chimes in the background; it's all very bittersweet.(9) Figure 6 shows an equilateral triangle and a rhombus that circumscribe the same unit circle.(10) a small triangle of grass(11) This, however, can lead to their wives feeling unsupported, creating a schism in the marital relationship - something the three players in the triangle would want to avoid.(12) It was the first time I ever heard a recorded triangle that didn't sound false.(13) ÔÇÿTry it,ÔÇÖ he said after he gathered all of the balls into the triangle .(14) This is constructed by dividing a line into three equal parts and replacing the middle segment by the other two sides of an equilateral triangle constructed on the middle segment.(15) A theatre critic's secretary is caught up in a love triangle involving the stars of a production of Othello after she is persuaded to alter a review to make it more favourable.(16) And nothing is quite so potent an activator of consciousness as a relationship triangle .
Related Words
(1) right triangle ::
ορθογώνιο τρίγωνο
(2) love triangle ::
ερωτικό τρίγωνο
(3) equilateral triangle ::
ισόπλευρο τρίγωνο
(4) isosceles triangle ::
ισοσκελές τρίγωνο
(5) scalene triangle ::
σκαληνό τρίγωνο
(6) warning triangle ::
προειδοποιητικό τρίγωνο
(7) the triangle ::
το τρίγωνο
(8) right-angled triangle ::
ορθογώνιο τρίγωνο
(9) acute triangle ::
οξεία τρίγωνο
(10) triangle inequality ::
τριγωνική ανισότητα
Different Forms
triangle, triangles
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